ISDA 2006 Lyme Treatment Guidelines Reaffirmed

ISDA 2006 Lyme Treatment Guidelines Reaffirmed

The panel put in place to review the 2006 Infectious Diseases Society of America (IDSA) guidelines which detail the treatment of Lyme disease have voted unanimously to make ‘no changes’, and to continue recommending short-term antibiotic treatment for the infectious condition Lyme disease (spread by infected tick bites), and advising against long-term antibiotic therapy for patients with ongoing problems.  This news has dismayed many doctors, patients and activists throughout America who have long campaigned for changes to be made to the 2006 IDSA Lyme treatment guidelines.

Report Findings

The ISDA stated that the controversial guidelines as published in 2006 still remained the most effective clinical protocols for the treatment of Lyme disease, despite heavy criticism from sufferers of this condition who believe that Lyme disease should be re-classed as a chronic condition that could require long-term antibiotic treatment.  Some of the sufferers of Lyme disease have expressed concerns over the guidelines and feel that they are not very relevant any more. Whether this is true or not, the guidelines still hold. The report issued by the panel on 22 April 2010 stated that Infected ticks can spread Lyme disease

Reactions from this disease

These findings have angered the hundreds of patients around America that suffer prolonged and often debilitating symptoms following the recommended treatment schedule of short-term antibiotics for Lyme disease, and Dr Daniel Cameron (a past president of the International Lyme and Associated Diseases Society) has responded to this report with some resignation, stating that he was not at all surprised by the ‘no change’ verdict.  Dr Cameron is just one of the many healthcare advisers around America that have been disappointed by the failure of the ISDA to offer leadership on the difficult and growing problem of Lyme disease. 


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